How to meet Indonesian girls in Yogyakarta


In this Yogyakarta dating guide we tell you how to meet Indonesian girls in Yogyakarta. Travel, enjoy and have fun with hot single girls and you might even meet the love of your life in Yogyakarta. All information about how to date Indonesian women in Yogyakarta coming here…

Indonesian girls in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is an important city on Java and well known for its universities. With education as its spine, the city attracts lots of girls for higher studies from Jakarta, Medan and even a few from some international cities. The majority of Yogyakarta girls are Muslim but there is also a considerable population of Christian, Buddhist and Hindu girls in the city.

Sexy Indonesian woman seeking foreigner

The local girls in Yogyakarta are very conservative in nature. They won’t kiss you at any public place at all. Although they are friendly with foreigners but persuading them for a date or to be in a relationship might be very difficult. The culture of Indonesia usually prohibits any relationship before marriage, and the girls here sincerely follow it. Due to the migration of the girls from other cities like Bali, Jakarta and other countries, there are also many women who are more open to date foreigners. Especially Christian and Hindu girls, as well girls from Bali are a good chance…

How to meet Indonesian girls in Yogyakarta online

Online dating is the best way to meet Yogyakarta girls quickly and for free. First there are only girls registered who are open for dating, and second the most of the girls in the online world do not have the same barriers and are more approachable than in the real world. Accordingly, you have good chances of success.

There are many Indonesian dating platforms now, but IndonesianCupid is the best if you want to meet Indonesian singles. The special thing about this dating site is that you can search for Indonesian singles worldwide, including your home country. It’s all completely free and with the basic version you get already full access to the whole database of girls. With a premium account, the chances increase significantly. You can find more information and our experiences in the IndonesianCupid review.

On IndonesianCupid you can find more than 1,000 singles in Yogyakarta, many of them are students from universities. The chances that you will get date with one of them are high. Since it is free, you should definitely register once and try your luck and who knows, you might still find your dream partner today!

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Nightlife in Yogyakarta to meet girls

Jalan Magelang street in the north of the city, is the place with the nightlife in Yogyakarta. This area has almost all the nightclubs of the city and, thus, best suited for your intentions to meet girls in Yogyakarta.

Visiting night clubs is the best option meet Indonesian girls but also tourists in Yogyakarta. If a girl is coming to a nightclub, it simply means she is already very free-minded and won’t be hard to get. The girl who is visiting a nightclub is considered to be far more liberal, and maybe, she won’t mind having one nightstand with you.

Dancer in Club in Kuta

Yogyakarta offers some decent pubs with average glamorous nights. Jakarta and Bali are far better choices if you love visiting nightclubs a lot.

Thebest pubs and nightclubs in Yogyakarta are listed below:

  • Asmara Art & Coffee Shop (coffee shop/ bar which serves you a variety of beers and whiskeys)
  • Sakapatat (old-style architecture with a lively atmosphere makes this bar worth visiting)
  • Oxen Free (best bar for listening to traditional Indonesian rock music)
  • Embassy (perfect nightclub if you are willing to dance on electric beats)
  • Taphouse Beer Garden (best bar for meeting local girls)
  • Graha Paramitha (among the oldest bars in Yogyakarta and remain open till late night)
  • Liquid
  • Boshe Jogja
  • Cubic
  • Sugar

Don’t be surprised to run into some prostitutes in Yogyakarta nightclubs, unlike Bali there aren’t many clubs here so they don’t have many options to ‘go to work.’ We aren’t going to claim that every girl at a nightclub or bar after midnight is a slut, that isn’t the case at all. The best nightlife can be found along Jalan Magelang in the center of the city, as already mentioned above… However, paid-sex is unlawful and we advise against it! Use real dating instead…


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