How to meet Indonesian girls on the Gili Islands


The Gili Islands are synonym for nature and party right next to Bali and Lombok. Although the Gili Islands are very small, it doesn’t mean that there is no nightlife and party. How to meet Indonesian girls on the Gili Islands, we explain you here in this post…

Online Dating on the Gili Islands

Online dating is one of the best options to find girls on the Gili Islands. Especially Tinder works really well to get in touch with tourist girls as well as local Indonesian women.


Tinder works really well on Gili Island. The location based dating app shows you a lot of local women to swipe through. There are tourist girls as well as local Indonesian women. Tinder works really well to find a partner for some fun or somebody to go out together. To find a serious relationship with Tinder could be a little bit difficult.


IndonesianCupid is the largest dating website for Indonesia and works really well on Bali, Lombok and of course Gili. You can find mostly local Indonesian girls on IndonesianCupid, almost all of them are open to date foreigners. IndonesianCupid doesn’t work only in Indonesia but also all over the world and is one of the best options to find Indonesian girls. Especially if you are seeking a serious relationship, IndonesianCupid is the right thing for you. The basic membership is absolutely free of charge and already gives you full access to the whole database. Downside: You can barely find tourist girls, if you are looking for that, use Tinder instead!

Notice: The Gili Islands are not really the best spot to find many local women. Most of the girls on the island are accompanied by a western guy. We advise you to get your date in Bali or Lombok upfront and invite her for a trip to the Gili Islands. It is much easier and you don’t have to worry later where to find girls on Gili. The best option to find a holiday girlfriend in Bali is definitely IndonesianCupid!

Balinese Girl in Biki at the beach

Nightlife on the Gili Islands – best places to find girls

90% of all nightlife spots on Gili Trawangan (bars, clubs, massages) are located on the East Coast along the Beach Promenade between the Ferry Pier and Pearl Beach Lounge in the south. That’s also the area where we highly recommend you to book your hotel, form there you can walk to everywhere…

Don’t expect any sort of “hostess bars” on Gili Trawangan – you won’t find one here. Instead there are plenty of “regular” bars along the Beach Promenade on the East Coast. Sama-Sama Reggae Bar is the place to party on “Gili T”, probably because they have daily live music starting from 5pm. Also it the only bar where sometimes single Indonesian girls sitting, drinking and waiting for something to happen… we assume to get approached by foreigners.

Sex Bali Bargirls

Other popular bars / night clubs on Gili Trawangan which are well visited almost every day are Jiggy Booze Bar and Evolution Bar.

It is really hard to find single Indonesian girls in the bars of Gili, most of them are coming here for holiday with a companion already. However, if dating tourist girls is an option for you, there are plenty of options and single girls from Australia and Europa who are just waiting for young and good looking men…

Dating tourist girls on the Gili Islands

As already mentioned above, it is pretty easy to get in touch with Western or Australian girls on the Gili Islands. The Gilis are one of the top tourist spots and it is always something going on. Almost in every bar you can find plenty of tourist girls who are open for a little bit of fun. Also Tinder is a good option to get in touch with open minded women on the island, many of them only seeking fun for a night or two…


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