How to meet Indonesian girls in Bali


In this Bali dating guide we tell you everything how to pick up tourist girls and how to meet Indonesian girls in Bali. Travel, enjoy and have fun with hot single girls and you might even meet the love of your life. Read more about partying and dating in Bali and find out what are the best places and apps for dating in Bali.

About the girls on Bali

Bali is the only province where the majority of the population does not practice Islam. Almost 84% of the population on Bali are Hindu. Hence, this allows women to be free from religious constraints. These women are free to wear any clothing; they are not forced to abstain from anything . These women have the freedom to be educated, have jobs, earn money as well. The women in Bali are also progressive in terms of relationships, and normally they do not hesitate to have sex before getting married.

Sexy Indonesian woman in lingerie

Apart from from the cultural freedom, it is also the party vibe that the island province has adopted that has made them so forward thinking and open. This also includes the women who aren’t just from Bali but also travel here from different parts of Indonesia to avoid prying eyes and gossipmongers back in their home.

Tourist girls in Bali: You can meet totally different kind of tourist girls in different parts of Bali. In Kuta area you will mostly find girls who like to drink and party a lot. If you’re into fit yoga girls, you should visit Ubud area. If you like laid back surfer girls who like to eat healthy food and have a few drinks when the sun goes down, then a good option to visit is Canggu area. Most of the girls are from Australia, US or Europe. But there are also many Asian tourists on Bali, especially Japanese, Korean and Chinese women. It is also possible, that you can date some of them…

Online Dating in Bali

The internet is the best way to meet Indonesian girls for casual dating, serious relationship, girlfriend experience or just companionship. IndonesianCupid is the best dating website to find girls in Indonesia, especially around Bali. There are more than 10,000++ girls in Bali registered. Most of them are also open to date foreigners. You can find there some holiday love, serious relationship or just fun. It is also possible to find a nice Balinese girlfriend for your whole holiday, what is a really nice experience…

The basic membership at IndonesianCupid is absolutely free of charge and gives you already the full access to all members. So you can check out many girls in Bali without any risk. However there are some limitations in the basic accounts, so you have to upgrade to monthly plan to communicate and use the website for serious dating. It won’t cost you a fortune and is definitely the best option to date girls in Bali, especially if you are looking for Indonesian girls! Sign up and try it for free!

Another option for dating on Bali is the Tinder App. Here you can find many tourist girls in Bali but also locals and lot of freelancers and escorts who searching for customers… Some profiles are even fake and run by pimps who sending girls via Tinder to customers… We generally advise against that! First the girls seem to be forced into that thing, and second the girls looks totally different than that from the picture. Of course it is totally illegal as well! Just stick to normal dating! It is more fun…

Conclusion: Use Indonesian Cupid if you are only want to date Indonesian girls and have the option to browse the huge database of members on Bali. Tinder is an alternative, if you also want to date tourist girls on Bali…

Meeting Indonesian girls in Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu

Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu are the most vibrant areas if it comes to party and nightlife. In the area are plenty of beach clubs, bars and discotheques. Party action can be found all over the day and night. Kuta is the epicentre of nightlife and Jalan Legian ist the party strip of Bali.

Sexy Nightclub Girls in Bali

In Seminyak there are also some cool nightclubs as well as beach clubs, and in in Canggu is a far more relaxed atmosphere with smaller bars and beach bars but still always some party going on.

In Kuta you can find the full rang of girls form tourist from all over the world to nice Balinese women and of course prostitutes and freelancers from Indonesia, Asia and Africa.

Seminyak has also very mixed audience and there are local girls, tourists and some freelancers as well.

In Canggu you will find more tourist girls and surfer-girls. It is the ideal spot, if you like Australian and European woman.

Here a list with the best clubs and bars in Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu


  • SkyGarden (recommend)
  • Paddies Pub (recommend)
  • Engine Room
  • Boshe VVIP Club
  • SkyDome Super Club
  • Bounty Discotheque
  • Pyramid Club Bali
  • Mirror Bali Lounge and Club
  • Velvet & Hypnotised


  • La Favela (recommend)
  • OPIVM Nightclub
  • Jenja
  • EnVie


  • Old Mas
  • The Lawn
  • Pretty Poison
  • Finns Beach Club
  • La Brisa
SkyGarden Dancer Bali

The nightlife on the island of Bali is magnificent. Most of the women are raving, and as time passes by, the women are more open, this can be attributed to a combination of factors such as ambiance, lighting, music, alcohol, and wild dancing. Make the best of this and use it not just to enjoy the nightlife but also the after party in your room. The crowd is mixed with local girls, tourist and professional freelancers.

Meeting Indonesian girls in Denpasar

Sex Bali Bargirls

Denpasar used to have a cool underground nightclub, Akasaka. Unfortunately, it closed down in early 2017 after the police found 7-million $ worth of ecstasy pills inside. Nowadays, there aren’t any decent venues apart from hostess karaokes and massage parlors (for instance: H69, Royal Palace or Sriya Spa). Clients are usually local Indonesians, for western guys, Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu are better places to find a date.

Meeting Indonesian girls in North-Bali: Ubud, Lovina, …

Even though Ubud has a calm atmosphere at night, a few cafés can be lively until 2 AM in the city center (along Jalan Monkey Forest, Jalan Dewisita or Jalan Gutama). The most happening is the live music pub Laughing Buddha, always packed with backpackers and long-stay residents. In the same street, you can also check No Mas, a hip bar on two floors with regular live bands.

Lovina is a really quiet spot on Bali and there is not so much nightlife. Of course there are some bars where you can find other tourists. The best place to go is Kantin 21 Bar.

Beautiful dark tanned Indonesian girl

Meeting Indonesian girls in East-Bali

The south-east of Bali is the Sanur area and this is a district notoriously known for its shady brothels. Apart from that, there are a few expat pubs too. Nothing really interesting in our opinion. We suggest to head to Kuta and Seminyak instead, if you are not looking for brothels, which are by the way illegal!


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