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Indonesian Dating sites comparison – There are plenty of dating websites but not all are suitable for Indonesian dating. In this post we present you the best Indonesian dating sites where you can quickly find an Indonesian woman in Indonesia or many other countries on this planet. Let’s get started with the best Indonesian dating websites.

Are Indonesian dating sites reputable?

Not everyone trusts online dating. Too often you hear about fraudulent cases and dubious scamming dating website. And yes, there are also some cases and websites where criminal activities are going on. But of course there are also a lot of serious and legit dating websites in the Internet. In this post we only introduce you the best and most legit Indonesian dating websites. With all these websites we and our readers had good experiences, so there is absolutely no risk.

Sex Bali Bargirls

However, what can happen to you at some of the here mentioned dating websites, is that women only want sex for a fee and are not really looking for a serious relationship. This can happen especially in Bali. If you seeking experiences like that, the better, if not, you should use your common sense before falling in love with a professional working girl.

IndonesianCupid – The best Indonesian dating site

Indonesian Cupid Logo

With over 1 million registered members, IndonesianCupid is the largest and best Indonesian dating site. IndonesianCupid works worldwide. You can search for Indonesian singles in Indonesia, but also in HongKong, Singapore, Australia, USA, Europe and many other countries all over the world. This is exactly what makes IndonesianCupid so special and the best Indonesian dating website. You are able to connect yourself worldwide with nice Indonesian girls, no matter where you are. The best spots in Indonesia are Jakarta, Bali and Yogyakarta, outside of Indonesia Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore are great places to meet Indo women with IndonesianCupid.

Everyone can sign up for IndonesianCupid without any cost or payment details. You will get immediate access to all members worldwide, you can browse the entire users database! In the free version, however there are also some functions restricted. Especially the messenger, which is very important to get in touch with other members is very limited. In addition, some other very useful functions are not available. If you are seriously looking for a relationship or dates with Indonesian girls, you should get a premium account. The prices start from 10USD per month. With an annual subscription you get the best offer because you get a 67% discount. More information detailed information about the pricing and functions you can find in our IndonesianCupid review.

IndonesianCupid review members

We recommend everyone to use IndonesianCupid, who is searching nice and lovely Indonesian women. Especially in places like Bali or Jakarta IndonesianCupid is a great option to find a date. Many girls are searching serious relationships, others only want have fun for a night. But also in Hong Kong and Singapore, where many Indonesian women working as a maid, IndonesianCupid works really really well! Additionally IndonesianCupid is well known as a dating website for Indonesian women who are foreigner orientated. Since it is the best Indonesian dating site and it can also be used for free, it never hurts to give it a try. Believe us, you will succeed!

Asian Dating

Asian Dating Logo

AsianDating is from the same company as IndonesianCupid. As you can see from the name, the page does not only refer to Indonesian women, but to Asians in general. You can also get to know Vietnamese women, Thai women, or countless other singles from Asia with this dating website.

AsianDating is also completely free in the basic version. In order to enjoy the full range of functions, a premium membership is available. If you don’t just want to commit yourself specifically to Indonesian women, you get a very good overall package here.

We recommend using AsianDating if you don’t want to get to know Indonesian women only but all over Asia. The selection of Indonesians is good, but it is a little more difficult to find them here. But otherwise you have a much larger selection. It is best to take a quick look at both websites and test them, since they are free and you can therefore decide which one is better for your needs.

Tinder in Indonesia

Tinder Logo

Tinder is known worldwide. Unfortunately, the platform’s bad reputation precedes it. In recent years, especially in Europe, US and even Thailand, the app has only been misused to quickly persuade women to have sex. Tinder has the reputation to be a hook up game. It takes a bit of luck to find true love here. However, it is not impossible.

We still list Tinder here, because the app works very well, especially in Indonesia. You can quickly find new friends using the app. Perhaps this also results in a relationship? Since the app can be used for free, you should definitely give it a try in Indonesia. Another downside: Tinder can be only used around your current location, so it is not possible to search especially for Indonesian women if you are outside of Indonesia. Even in places like Bali you will also get in touch with many tourist girls but not only Indonesian women.


Badoo Logo

Badoo is one of the biggest dating platforms worldwide. Also in the whole region of Asia Badoo works really well. Especially in Jakarta, Bali and other big cities in Indonesia you have a good chance to find nice girls with Badoo. With Badoo you can find more serious dating and girls looking for a relationship. But Badoo is mainly used among locals in Indonesia and therefore the girls there are not really foreigner orientated as for example at IndonesianCupid. If you are living in Indonesia and have time to find a nice girls for a serious relationship, Badoo might be a good option for you. If you are on holiday and just need a companion, IndonesianCupid is the best option.

More Indonesian dating sites

Of course there are some more dating sites that specialize in Indonesian women. We also looked at these briefly, but were not particularly convinced. Most of them are aimed specifically at Muslim Indonesian women and are more popular among locals and not foreigners. On many of these Indonesian dating websites, we didn’t even get an answer if we contacted a girl there. It could be a little different if you are a Muslim. Since the chances of success are very minimal, we do not list these websites here.

Which experience have you had with Indonesian dating sites and have you been successful? If yes, which one is the best? Please leave us a comment below.


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