Experiences with women from Indonesia


If you are planning to have a relationship with an Indonesian girl, you might ask yourself about the experiences with women from Indonesia others have made. Indonesian girls are not only pretty women, they also have some special characteristics. In this post, we deal with the experiences we and others have had with Indonesian women, so that you can get an idea of ​​what it is like to have a relationship with a woman from Indonesia.

Indonesian women experiences

There is no doubt that Indonesian women are among the most beautiful women in Asia. They have slim bodies, black hair, brown skin and a feminine personality. As a rule, the appearance of Indonesian women is almost similar to that of Filipinas and Thais. However, the Indonesian woman’s eyes are bigger and more beautiful.

Many men who travel to Indonesia for the first time suddenly fall in love. Especially the caring character, but also the exotic look can make men fall in love really quickly with an Indonesian girl. But such a relationship doesn’t always work. In this post, tell you some experiences with Indonesian wome so that you know from the start what to expect. Since every woman is different, it may or may not happen to you, keep that in mind…

Balinese Girl in Biki at the beach

The cultural differences

Cultural differences can be a problem in Indonesia. At least if you plan to get married. In order to avoid many problems, it is advisable to focus on the same religion when looking for a partner. You can find many Christians in Indonesia. Also people from Bali are really open minded and it is much easier to get foot in Bali and being accepted than in any other place in Indonesia. A good place to start your search is IndonesianCupid, there you can also filter for religion…

Indonesian woman character and mindset

If you dare to get in a relationship with a Muslim from Indonesia you should keep in mind, that the relationship could work really well in the beginning, but the problems could arise sooner or later if it comes to the marriage. An example: A Christian man was once in a relationship with an Indonesian Islam girl. It worked well for a long time, but the woman’s family was against a mixed religious relationship and so he should convert to Islam, or separate from the woman. There was no happy ending in this story …

There are no good or bad cultures, they are just different. If you want to establish an intercultural relationship, you should accept the cultural differences and try to deal with them sensibly instead of just pushing through your own culture.

The caring Indonesian woman

Once you’ve found a good Indonesian (far away from red-light and nightlife), there’s nothing standing in the way of a happy relationship. As you treat the woman, she will treat you too. Basically, the Indonesian woman is very caring and loyal and the family is the most important thing in her life. If you are loyal and caring, an Indonesian woman will be definitely one of the best you can get on the world.

How to find good Indonesian women

Finding good Indonesian women is easier than you think. Even though large parts of the country are Muslim, there are also Christians and Hindus in Indonesia. If you both have the same religion, it is much easier to build a serious relationship. Bali, Yogyakarta and Jakarta are great places to find beautiful and open minded Indonesian girls.

Sexy Indonesian woman in lingerie

The best option to find Indonesian girls for dating is definitely online dating. The best foreigner oriented dating website is IndonesianCupid. The special thing about this dating site is that you can search for Indonesian singles worldwide, even in Australia, USA or Europe. There are hundred thousands of Indonesian girls registered, especially in Bali, Jakarta and Yogyakarta the chances are almost 100% to find a date.

Singing up is absolutely free and you have full access to the full database of Indonesian women. However, the free version is of course limited, if you want to use IndonesianCupid seriously, you should opt for the premium account, which won’t cost you a fortune. You can find more information and our experiences in the IndonesianCupid test.

Bad experiences with Indonesian women

We or our readers have never had any really bad experiences with Indonesian women. But what are bad experiences? It could possibly happen to you that you meet a freelancer in the club but you don’t know that she is one. This could result in a nasty surprise at the next morning but in the end this thing has specifically nothing to do with Indonesian women…

What are your experiences with Indonesian women? Just leave us a comment below.


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