Indonesian woman character and mindset


Indonesian women character – Indonesian women are not only beautiful, they are also very loving and show a lot of compassion. But what are other character traits of Indonesian women? We’ll reveal that here.

The beauty of Indonesian women

Indonesian women are the women of your dreams. They are having a dark and nice skin and slim bodies and a beautiful face. They also have a very special charm and an erotic charisma that stimulate the fantasies of numerous men. If an Indonesian woman smiles for the first time, which she does very often and likes to do, she can get almost every man she wants. The eyes of Indonesian women are particularly beautiful. Basically nothing bad can be said about the external appearance of beautiful Indo girls. Indonesian women are simply among the most beautiful in Asia!

Beautiful dark tanned Indonesian girl

Indonesian women character

The Indonesian women are unique in their soft character and compassion. They are very careful to have a good relationship and therefore the communication takes place rather indirectly. In order to maintain harmony, problems are not addressed directly. Respect and courtesy are also important virtues of Indonesian women.

Various emotions can be hidden behind a smile from an Indonesian woman, such as, of course, joy, but also shame, rejection, etc. They smile a lot and like to do it. However, problems are often smiled away instead of being discussed. It is not always entirely understandable for western men. But do not think wrong, if it is enough, an Indonesian girls can gets heated and then the hell is braking loose…

This is what an Indonesian girl expects from you

Local Indonesian girl

Indonesian girls are usually not only very friendly and polite, but also loyal people. They expect the same from their partner. Disrespect and arrogance are inappropriate. Many women are sensitive to this. If the man behaves accordingly, he can enjoy a loving Indonesian woman with whom he can be permanently happy.

Indonesians are also very proud of their partners. They love to post your pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp etc. It will of course hurt them if you don’t like it. An Indonesian woman shows you to her world because she is just very proud of you and likes you. Sometimes she also asks you to show her pictures on your social media profile. This is a bit unusual for western people, but completely normal in Asia.

Indonesian women are nationalistic and very proud of their country. Indonesia is a wonderful country, but not everything that glitters is gold in paradise. However, this should never be said out loud in front of your Indonesian girls. If you express yourself badly about Indonesia in front of her, it could rise issues. She could misunderstand the whole thing and resent you. Indonesian women are very sensitive on this point.

Indonesian women character traits

Her compassion is part of her unique character traits, which is what makes her so special. In order to maintain a good relationship, the Indonesian women communicate rather indirectly. Unpleasant things are not addressed directly. With a polite and respectful demeanor, they want to create a benevolent and pleasant atmosphere.

Indonesians like to smile, but it has different meanings. Often people just smile, even though they are angry inside. The fine nature of the Indonesian will generally never cause her to scream and make a public scene, but still keep in mind, that not everything is good just because she smiles.

The character traits of the Indonesian are nothing unusual, but misunderstandings can quickly arise. It is important in a relationship with an Indonesian woman that both sides show some understanding to the other, then you can expect a harmonious and loving relationship.

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