Indonesian girls prices


Indonesian girls prices and cost… Many men who are travelling to Indonesia are asking us this questions. Although we are not supporting any illegal or immoral activities, we have researched the prices for Indonesian girls for you. In this post you can find summarised the cost to date, meet or marry girls from Indonesia.

Indonesian girls prices

We briefly summarize the different prices and possible costs to meet or date an Indonesian woman.

Free dating with Indonesian women

If you are looking for an Indonesian woman, take a look at the website IndonesianCupid. On this dating website Indonesian singles can be found worldwide. Beside to Indonesia of course, it works really well in Hong Kong or Singapore but even in Australia and some places in the US or Europe.

In a few minutes you are registered and you can start searching. There are countless filters available so that everyone can find the right woman. You can filter for her location, age, religion and many more important dating factors.

Although registration with IndonesianCupid is absolutely free, you can enjoy a number of advantages with a premium account. More information and experience reports you can find in our IndonesianCupid review.

Prices for sex with Indonesian women

Sexy Nightclub Girls in Bali

Like in every place in the world you can find also paid sex in Indonesia. Prostitution in Indonesia is legally considered a “crime against decency/morality”, although it is widely practiced, tolerated and even regulated in some areas. Some women are financially motivated to become prostitutes, while others may be forced by friends, relatives or strangers. Therefore we advise against pay sex in Indonesia…

Sex & happy ending massage: Handjobs and blowjobs are available in small salons in Bali from 10 USD. In high-quality salons such as the River Spa, full service including room and sex costs around USD 150.

Prices for freelancers in Indonesia: With freelance girls it is always a matter of negotiation how much you actually pay in the end. Of course, the girls stack up high and often start demanding 2,000,000 rupiah (180 USD)! But the prices drop with relatively easy with just little negotiating skill. 500,000 – 1,000,000 rupiah is the normal price. Cheaper is always possible. On average, you should expect a price of 50-75USD for a freelance girl in Bali or other places in Indonesia.

Prices for Beach Boys in Bali: Who doesn’t know the Kuta Beach Boys hunting for tourist girls. These guys are nothing more than male prostitutes. While some asking for fixed rates of 20USD, others try to make the girl dependent on her and at the end of the vacation they are demanding often 1,000USD and more. If the girl falls in love with her Beach Boy, it can be really expensive and monthly payments are not uncommon.

SkyGarden Dancer Bali

Prices for wedding with Indonesian woman

The prices for a wedding in Indonesia can be very different. So it is already possible to marry from a small budget of 1,000 USD. However, if you celebrate a little bigger, and this often happens unintentionally, you should expect 2,000-3,000 USD or even more until everything is paid. There are no upper limits in Indonesia either.

The topic is somewhat more extensive. If you are interested in a wedding in Indonesia, take a quick look at our guide, where we have already listed the most important points including a cost overview.

Cost for wedding in Indonesia

How much does it cost to have an Indonesian girlfriend?

It is not uncommon for Indonesian women to stop working when they are married or having children. The man then pays for the whole family. No exact price can be given here either, because every woman is different. In principle, however, Indonesian women are sensible women who pay a lot of attention to money and do not throw it out of the window senselessly. Most Indonesian girls try to save and buy only the essentials. Since the cost of living in Indonesia is very cheap, you can live here on a small budget. The pension you get from Australia or the US should be enough to take care of yourself and the family.

Indonesian Cupid Member

If you are just a couple and you having a good girl, then it is common that she works and has her own money. Of course she will welcome some surprises, gifts, holiday trips or nice diners, but in the end it shouldn’t cost you a fortune to stay together with a nice Indonesian lady. If she was a freelancer before, it could be somehow different. If you are in a relationship with a girl from the nightlife scene it is not uncommon that she demands regular payments or money to keep her away from her job. Most of these girls also can not work in a serious daytime job, just keep it in mind.

As you see, the question “How much do Indonesian women cost” is not so easy to answer. Nevertheless, we hope that we were able to help you with this guide.


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