How to meet Indonesian men in Bali


How to meet Indonesian men in Bali – guide & tips: Bali is not only known for surfing, sun, culture and party but is also infamous for the Kuta Beach Boys. But not only in Kuta it is really easy to meet Indonesian men as a foreign woman. Indonesian guys are very open minded and love the look of foreign women. In this guide we explain you, how to meet Indonesian men in Bali.

Kuta Beach Cowboys

Known as “Kuta cowboys,” after Bali’s popular Kuta Beach, these men often hold low-paying beach jobs renting snorkeling gear or selling sodas, but what they are really peddling is romance. Many call them gigolos — a term they reject — but for years, they’ve been flirting with foreigners without causing a fuss. While there is nothing extraordinary about gigolos as it is a term commonly known and used often to define a group of men that conquer women in exchange of a monetary transaction, there is something really fascinating about these Cowboys. These men appeal as hugely exotic, happy and carefree. While we can understand completely that a Westerner woman can feel attraction towards them, we have seen that equally the attraction is from them towards Western women, too…

However, the Balinese government doesn’t like the Kuta Cowboys too much and many of them have been arrested for being a Beach Cowboy. If you are on Bali and want to meet Indonesian men, the Kuta Beach Boys might not be the best option for you. Most of them are definitely not a serious option for a stable relationship on the long term…

Surf Instructors

The island of Bali is popular to be a world class surf spot and there are almost at every beach plenty of surf instructors. Especially in Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu it is really easy to get in touch with nice and friendly surfer boys. Most of the Balinese surf instructors are really open to date foreign girls, no matter for a serious relationship or just couple days of fun…

How to date Indonesian men

In nightclubs and bars

Indonesian men on Bali like to party and they also like foreign women. Most Indonesian guys who are heading to the nightclubs in Kuta are on the hunt for foreign women. In our experience we met many Indonesian men who told us, that they love to go out and party and try their luck with nice, blonde, Australian girls. If you searching Balinese men in the nightclubs of Bali, you shouldn’t be alone for too long. The best places to meet Balinese men are Engine Room, Paddies Pub, Bounty Discotheque and SkyGarden.

Men from clubs might not be the best option if you are searching a longterm relationship. If you just want a companion for the holidays, you can give it a try.

Boshe VVip Bali Nightclub

Meet Indonesian men in Bali online

One of our favourite options to find and meet Indonesian men on Bali is the internet. There are several platforms and websites which are suitable to date Indonesian men in Bali. Online dating gives you also one big advantage: You can start to search you Balinese dream man already back in your home country and get in touch with him.

The best websites and apps to find Indonesian men on Bali online are definitely IndonesianCupid and Badoo. IndonesianCupid is the worldwide biggest dating websites for Indonesia. It is also well known for the fact, that the most members there are very open for foreigners. You can register at IndonesianCupid absolutely for free and try the members database by yourself without any risk.

Badoo is another international dating website but there is a far more mixed audience. Many registered members there are not really open to date foreign girls. Most of them are looking for a serious relationship with an Indonesian woman. Also Badoo is free in the basic version and so you should try it as well, if you are looking online for Indonesian men on Bali.

Online dating is maybe the best option to find a long lasting relationship with an Indonesian men on Bali. In our opinion it is the best option to try online dating instead of all the other listed options here…


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