Cost to date Indonesian men in Bali


If you want to meet Indonesian men in Bali, then it is not uncommon to pay for his companionship. How much it could cost to date an Indonesian man in Bali and why you could even stay with Indonesian men for free, we explain you in this post…

Balinese men and foreign girls

Many Balinese men are attracted by the beauty of western women, especially blonde girls from Australia, US or other countries. Most of the so called beach cowboys in Bali can be found in Kuta and the coast up to Seminyak and Canggu. Many of these beach cowboys are surf instructors and are very charming. They have nice bodies, a cool mindset and it is really easy for them to seduce their surf students.

How to date Indonesian men

Is it always necessary to pay for Balinese men?

As many Balinese do not have as much money as the foreign tourists, the question about money might come up really quickly. But if you want to hang out with an Indonesian man on Bali, it is not necessarily all about money. There are some guys who demanding money for everything and there are others who never ask for money at any time.

Some Balinese men have the ultimate target to get get into a serious relationship with a nice foreign girl, others only want to have fun and a good time and there are some guys who are sleeping for money with foreign women.

So it is not uncommon, that girls pay for the companionship of Indonesian men in Bali but it is not mandatory. Though the cowboys do not receive money directly for sex, women do typically pay for their meals and often lavish them with gifts. Some cowboys ride scooters, listen to nice stereos and live in apartments paid for by foreign women. The men singing love songs to women on the beach, escort them to the island’s dance clubs and will often take the women home.

But there are many stories about serious dating and relationship without any money involved.

Price for Indonesian men in Bali

If you date Indonesian men, especially the Beach Cowboys, then it is not uncommon that you pay for your time together. Some are demanding payments per day, others just want to eat free, drink free and relax with you together. Then there are guys, who not want money at all but asking at the end of your holiday for some support for his family or other stuff.

If you met a Balinese men who wants to have a serious relationship with foreign girls, it is not uncommon that he takes care about everything, even if he has less money than you.

After talking to many Beach Boys in Bali, they claimed that the most do not ask for money directly. They said it is their ultimate target to have a good time and make the girls happy. At the end of the holiday they are leaving the decision about money 100% with the girl. Most of the Beach Cowboys said, that they get money form the girls anyway, as long as they had a good time together.

Of course there are also many Balinese men who have a good job as well and don’t need any money from you. If you date a guy like this, it is probably just about sex, a good time or maybe a serious relationship, but never about money.

In Bali it is illegal to sell sex, and therefore we can not advise to get into any trouble with paid Beach Cowboys. If you want to meet Balinese men for serious dates, rather got to the clubs or use online dating instead. You might have better chances there to meet good men…


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