How to find a girlfriend for your Bali holiday


If you want to have a nice vacation on Bali and you are a solo traveler it might be ideal to have a nice Indonesian girlfriend during your stay or even longer. In this post we explain you the best ways to find a nice Indonesian girlfriend for you Bali holiday.

What kind of girls are on Bali

Bali is the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia and attracts all kind of girls from Indonesia. Many women are coming to Bali to work in the hotels or tourism industry. Most of the girls on Bali are Balinese or from the neighbouring island Java.

There are many good and normal girls, as well as prostitutes, freelancers and escort women. If you want a girlfriend for your Bali holiday you should opt for the normal girls and freelancers on Bali, with these girls you might have the best chances to find a longtime girlfriend for your Bali holiday.

How to find a girlfriend for the Bali holiday in advance

In our opinion the best option to find a girlfriend for your Bali holiday is online dating several weeks in advance. If you are on Bali already, it might be too late and you could get in rush. If you start to use online dating platforms such as IndonesianCupid in your home country already, you have plenty of time to find a nice girl for your Bali holiday or even more.

IndonesianCupid is the best online dating option to find Balinese and Indonesian girls. It is the biggest dating website to meet Indonesian women and IndonesianCupid is very popular among Indonesian women who are seeking foreign men. You can register totally free for the basic account. With the free account you already have full access to the full members database worldwide. Alone on Bali there are more than 10,000 Indonesian girls registered. It is really easy to find nice and beautiful girls living in Bali with IndonesianCupid and if you are serious to find a girlfriend for you Bali holiday, you should definitely opt for a premium plan.

Girls like these can easily be found on IndonesianCupid!

How to find a girlfriend for holiday in Bali

If you are in Bali already and want to find a nice girlfriend you should also try IndonesianCupid. Also the application Tinder might be a good choice on site. Both are great options to find nice girls around your location. Also the clubs and bars around Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu are a good option to find a girlfriend for your Bali holiday. SkyGarden, Paddys Pub, La Favela and some bars in Canggu might be your best option.

Balinese Girl in Bikini

Please keep in mind, that not all the girls in the nightlife scene are looking for serious friend- or relationship. Some are freelancers and bargirls. This must not be bad if you just want a beautiful companion for your Bali holiday, but don’t be disappointed if all was just about money…

All in all, the best option to find a girlfriend in Bali in our opinion is IndonesianCupid. The biggest advantage is the fact, that you can start your search for a holiday girlfriend already in advance and do not have to wait until you arrive at Bali.

SkyGarden Dancer Bali
The clubs in Bali are packed with sexy girls!


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