How to meet Indonesian women in Dubai


Dubai is home of a huge community of Indonesian overseas workers and there you can find Indonesian girls working as domestic helpers, in hotels or restaurants. Tips how to meet Indonesian girls in Dubai we explain you in this post further.

Indonesian online dating in Dubai

The best option to date Indonesian girls in Dubai is definitely the internet. The best Indonesian dating portal for Dubai is IndonesianCupid. In Dubai you can find more than 350 registered Indonesian girls on IndonesianCupid! At IndonesianCupid you can sign up and use the basic version for free, of course with some restrictions. The big advantage: only Indonesian singles are registered and you can search them all over the world. So it is possible to filter the search results by country or even city. IndonesianCupid works really well in Dubai and in Indonesia.

The selection of Indonesian singles in Dubai is really good. In addition, the odds of success for a personal date are very high. Of course, there is always some luck in love, but in general the chances are good. Since IndonesianCupid costs nothing, at least in the free version, you should absolutely sign up and check out the members database by yourself.

Further IndonesianCupid has the advantage, that it guarantees you a lot of privacy. Especially in Dubai, where public proposition is not really welcome, you can use IndonesianCupid and the internet to make the first contact.

Most of the girls living in Dubai already have a boyfriend or family back in the Indonesia. So don’t be disappointed if you get refused several times. However we recommend to use IndonesianCupid as there are mostly only singles who are seeking partnership or love as well.


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