How to meet Indonesian women in the Netherlands


Indonesia was a colony of the Netherlands from 1605 until 1945. In the early 20th century, many Indonesian students studied in the Netherlands. Most of them lived in Leiden and were active in the Perhimpoenan Indonesia (Indonesian Association).

During and after the Indonesian National Revolution, many Moluccans and Indo people, people of mixed Dutch and Indonesian ancestry migrated to the Netherlands. Nowadays as much as about 10% of the overall population of the Netherlands are migrated from Indonesia and therefore the Netherlands are a great place to find Indonesian looking women.

Find Indonesian girls in the Netherlands online

The best option to date Indonesian girls in the Netherlands is definitely the internet. The best Indonesian dating portal for the Netherlands is IndonesianCupid. In the Netherlands and Amsterdam you can find more than 190 registered Indonesian girls on IndonesianCupid! At IndonesianCupid you can sign up and use the basic version for free, of course with some restrictions. The big advantage: only Indonesian singles are registered and you can search them all over the world. So it is possible to filter the search results by country or even city.

Since IndonesianCupid costs nothing, at least in the free version, you should absolutely sign up and check out the members database by yourself. Further IndonesianCupid has the advantage, that it guarantees you a lot of privacy.

Beautiful dark tanned Indonesian girl

Find Indonesian girls in the Netherlands on the streets

Amsterdam ist definitely the place with the largest Indonesian community. Although there is not really a specific Indonesian or Asian area, historically the largest group of people with Indonesian roots, settled in The Hague. Hence there you will find a larger proportion of ‘toko’ shops near e.g. HS station than elsewhere. The Hague has the biggest Pasar Malam market every year.

It could be therefore very difficult to find Indonesian girls on the streets in the Netherlands and also in Amsterdam. Most of them are already living for generations in the Netherlands and are more dutch than Indonesian, despite their exotic and beautiful look.

If you want to date Indonesian girls in the Netherlands, then IndonesianCupid should be your first choice…


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