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IndonesianCupid Review – IndonesianCupid is one of the biggest and most important dating websites to meet singles from Indonesia all over the world. What you can expect from IndonesianCupid, which girls are registered and where it works best, we gonna explain you in this post…

IndonesianCupid Review: The facts

Indonesian Cupid Logo is one of the many dating sites that Cupid Media Party Ltd. is running. Indonesian Cupid, like many of the Cupid sites, is straightforward and functional. From the site’s name itself, you will be able to grasp a basic understanding of what it’s going to be.

Indonesian Cupid is famous for gathering Indonesian singles from all over the world. But don’t let it deceive you into thinking that it’s exclusive for Indonesians only. There are a lot of single western members who are seeking to find their Asian match on this site. Most of its members are looking for something serious, but there are also some who just want to have fun or find someone who can keep them company for a while.

Singing up for IndonesianCupid

You can sign up for the basic membership at IndonesianCupid totally free. There are not much information needed and the account is opened in less than 2 or 3 minutes. Alternatively you can use your Facebook account to sing up for IndonesianCupid. Payment details are not necessary for the basic membership and so you are ready to date nice Indonesian girls without any risk…

The members at IndonesianCupid

There are more than 1 million Indonesian girls and men registered at IndonesianCupid. The quality of the profiles is very high and the most members are real girls who are looking for different kinds of dating. Of course there are also some scammers but the proportion of fake profiles and scammers should be really low.

The most members at IndonesianCupid are interested in real love, serious dating and relationships. There are girls in every age registered. Especially the older women are seeking a stable relationship for life or even somebody for marriage. The most members at IndonesianCupid have one thing in common: they are interested in foreign men or women.

Although there are many profiles with a serious background, there are also some Freelancers and working girls registered, who are seeking customers via IndonesianCupid. Especially on Bali, in Jakarta or Yogyakarta you can find Freelancers at IndonesianCupid. That mustn’t necessarily bad, if your are seeking a dating experience or one night stand like this, it is totally fine. All other people who want a serious date or relationship can sort out the freelancers relatively easy. In our opinion this is no issue.

Additionally it is really easy to find a holiday girlfriend via IndonesianCupid as well. If you do not want to travel alone, it is easy to find a travel companion…

Check out members like these absolutely free…

The membership plans and prices

The are three membership options available for Indonesian Cupid. Standard (free), Gold (paid), and Platinum (paid). Gold members have access to some of the site’s features like the live chat with IM and right to communicate with any of the site’s members. Platinum members, on the other hand, can enjoy all the site’s features from messaging to advanced searches.

The basic version offers the following possibilities:

  • full and unlimited members database access, you can browse all singles
  • Basic Matching
  • Send Interest
  • You can only communicate with paying members

The features of the paid plans are:

  • Unlimited messaging with all singles
  • Live Chat
  • Send and receive messages with translation
  • No ads
  • Hide your profile and browse anonymously
  • VIP profile highlighting
IndonesianCupid review - membership features

IndonesianCupid prices

As already mentioned, the basic version with full members access is free. There are also two different paid plans: Premium Gold and Premium Platinum. The prices for both plans in USD are listed here and are depending from your current location:

Premium Gold

  • 1 Month 29.98 USD / Month = 29.98 USD
  • 3 Months 20.00 USD / Month = 59.99 USD
  • 12 Months 10.00 USD / Month = 119.98 USD

Premium Platinum

  • 1 Month 34.99 USD / Month = 34.99 USD
  • 3 Months 23.33 USD / Month = 69.98 USD
  • 12 Months 12.50 USD / Month = 149.99 USD
IndonesianCupid gold prices

In our opinion the Gold membership is the best option to enjoy the full range of dating with IndonesianCupid. Here you get most for your money. Especially the 3 month subscription is in our opinion worth every cent, as you can use it in advance in your hometown a few months before you travel to Indonesia and during your stay as well. For the most members this plan should offer the best value!

Where does IndonesianCupid works best?

In our opinion the best places to use IndonesianCupid are metropolitan places in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bali or Yogyakarta. If you want to date Indonesian girls abroad, Hong Kong, Singapore and other wealthy spots in Southeast-Asia are the best places to find Indonesian girls with IndonesianCupid.

In Australia are about 500 Indonesian girls registered, in the USA there are more than 730 and in Europe there are about 150 per country registered. If you use IndonesianCupid then mainly in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. There you have really high chances for good dating experiences.

IndonesianCupid experiences

We and our readers have made a lot of good experiences with IndonesianCupid. Especially in Bali and Jakarta it works really well. You can find everything you want. From serious dates to casual encounters, everything is possible. The most profiles at IndonesianCupid are genuine but of course there are also some scammers and fake accounts. Be careful with personal data and pictures of you, if you meet someone new on IndonesianCupid. If you dated the person in real life already everything is fine.

Sexy Nightclub Girls in Bali

In our opinion the most common thing that could happen to you, is the fact that you bump into a hooker, if you want a serious date. Normally you can clarify really quick and therefore it is not really a big issue. We know many IndonesianCupid users who had met their love of their life with this dating website. The chances of success are really really high, if you want to find a nice Indonesian girl.

IndonesianCupid alternatives

There are almost zero alternatives for IndonesianCupid. Tinder and Badoo are more casual encounters and it is hard to find serious dates there. Also the advantage, that you can use IndonesianCupid worldwide, is with Tinder not given. There you can search only around your current location.

If you are a little bit more open to date all kind of Asian women, you could check out AsianDating. There you can find many singles from all over Asia but not specifically Indonesian girls. However, if you also like Thai, Vietnamese or Philippine women, you should give it a try…


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