Indonesian girl looking for marriage – How to find?


If you want to find an Indonesian girl looking for marriage, then you find in this post all the options and possibilities. Although many Indonesian girls are not interested in foreign men, there are also some who are really attracted by them. Most of them are Indonesian girls from the younger generation and living in cosmopolitan areas like Bali, Yogyakarta or Jakarta.

Best places to find Indonesian girls looking for marriage

It is hard to name an ideal place to find Indonesian girls looking for marriage, as it could be everywhere. Normally we recommend to seek far aways from nightlife and nightclubs if you want to find a good girl for a serious relationship. Great places might be restaurants or bars, maybe even hotels. The there employed women are normally really good and hard working girls with an income. Many of them are open to date foreigners.

Sexy Nightclub Girls in Bali

However in our opinion is it much better to seek Indonesian girls who are looking for a serious relationship with online dating platforms. There you see at a glance the intentions of a girl and there are only women registered who are also seeking a partner.

The best ways to meet Indonesian women looking for marriage

If you want to find an Indonesian girls for a marriage, then there are two great online dating options for you. The best dating website to find women from Indonesia is in our opinion IndonesianCupid. But also Bumble might be an option to find girls who are searching the real love…


Indonesian Cupid Logo

IndonesianCupid is the biggest Indonesian dating website and very popular in Indonesia. Although there are also Indonesian men registered, IndonesianCupid is popular among girls who are open to date foreigners. Most of the girls at IndonesianCupid are seeking real love and lifetime relationships, it is not just a hook up and freelance game like Tinder. There are more than 1 Million Indonesian singles from all over the world registered. You can search for Indonesian girls in Indonesia and also in other countries like Australia, USA or Europe.

IndonesianCupid works in our opinion best in cosmopolitan spots like Yogyakarta, Bali or Jakarta. There are the most girls who are open to date foreigners. The basic account at IndonesianCupid is free and you have full access to all profiles in the membership database without paying a single penny. However, if you seriously want to find a girls with IndonesianCupid, you should opt for a premium account, as there are restrictions in the basic version. So it is for example the messenger limited and it is hard to communicate with your girls.

The premium version of IndonesianCupid won’t cost you a fortune and is starting from about 30USD per month. If you choose a one year subscription you get huge discounts down to 10USD per month.


  • The best dating site in Indonesia. Ideal for arranging dates prior to visiting the country. Girls won’t mind if you are not living in Indonesia and if you are older than them.
  • Mostly serious girls who are interested in relationships


  • The free version is too restricted if you want to find seriously girls (but membership will not cost you a fortune!)
  • Many girls have limited English proficiency (especially outside Jakarta, Bali, Yogyakarta)


Bumble Logo

Bumble is something like a “feminist” dating app because the girls have to message guys first in order to get in touch with them. This app works really good in Jakarta. Most girls using it are educated and they have good jobs. There are also many foreign girls using it, especially in Bali. Bumble is a good dating app to find a serious relationship, not just a hook up game like Tinder. However there are many girls who are not interested in foreigners, as Bumble is mainly used among locals. It is worth a try but in our opinion IndonesianCupid is the better option.


  • Smart and educated girls
  • Video call feature within the app


  • Only a mobile app so you have to type your messages on your mobile
  • Not many girls interested in foreigners

Other Dating Apps

Apps like Badoo and Tinder are in our opinion not suitable to find Indonesian girls who are looking for marriage or serious longterm relationship. Tinder is more a hook up game and it works only around your actual location. Additionally you can not filter for the nationality and on Bali for example, you find many tourist girls as well as locals.

Badoo is more the dating app of the younger generation and popular among students. Many of these girls are looking for dates and companionship but not necessarily for a serious relationship or even a marriage.

Conclusion: IndonesianCupid is in our opinion the one and only option to find Indonesian girls looking for marriage. There are only Indonesian women registered who are interested in foreigners and many of them are searching serious longterm relationships. There are also many older women and many are claiming in their profiles, that they are searching for a partner for lifetime.


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