Bali nightlife guide – Clubs, Bars, Girls


Bali is the Mecca of nightlife in Indonesia a very popular among party tourists from Australia and all over the world. All you need to know about the nightlife on Bali and where to meet Indonesian and tourist girls alike, we will explain you in this post.

Hotspots for nightlife in Bali

Bali has several hotspots if it comes to nightlife. Especially Kuta is the wildest and most vibrant spot for party and nightlife in Bali. There are the biggest clubs all located along the infamous Jalan Legian, the main spot for tourists. But there are also some more laid-back locations like Seminyak or Canggu. What kind of nightlife you can expect in the different areas, we explain you here.


Kuta is the wildest and best known party spot in Bali. The Jalan Legian is the main strip if it comes to nightlife in Kuta and there are all the big nightclubs, bars and many restaurants located. If you want party hard, then Kuta is your best choice in Bali. You can find the most clubs and girls there, no matter you like Western or Indonesian girls.


Seminyak is not really a quiet area but much more relaxed than Kuta. If you want a mix between party and more relaxed lifestyle outside of Kuta Town, then Seminyak is your place. In Seminyak are also some nice nightclubs and many Indonesian and Western girls.


Canggu is a popular surf spot in Bali and a great place if you want a mix between relaxed vibes and a good nightlife. There are many cool bars and restaurants and you can find always somewhere a party. If you are focused on Western girls, then Canggu might be your spot, many solo female travellers hanging out around Canggu.


Although Sanur is well known as spot for foreign men on the hunt for Indonesian girls and shady brothels, there is not such a big nightlife scene there as in the other areas. There are several bars along the main strip where you might have luck and find local Indonesian girls as well as Western tourists.

Dancer in Club in Kuta

The best clubs in Bali

If you love partying, Bali has nightclubs in every major city. Kuta is the epicenter of Bali tourism with not less than 15 nightclubs. Clubbing in Kuta is fun, especially for young singles. Drinks are cheap, music is loud and by 2AM you can score with any Bali nightlife girls. Do expect to find Balinese hookers among normal locals Indonesian girls and many western tourists. Ask if you’re ever unsure, this avoids surprises. The best nightclubs and pick up bars in Bali are:

Sky Garden

The biggest club in Bali with 6 different music rooms. Youngsters in their 20s with a balanced mix of Indonesian and foreign women. Plenty of prostitutes freelancing in the club.

La Favela

It’s a bar and club that gets busy after 11 pm. Most girls are Indonesian, some normal girls and some hookers. There are also plenty of western girls, easy to pick up… Best place to go around Seminyak!

Red Ruby

A great club with a chilled atmosphere suitable for single men in their 30s. The girls are half prostitutes and half normal girls.

Boshe VVIP Club

This club is for excellent for Asian guys but you will have a lot of fun as western guy too. The set up is a table and sofa where groups of people party together. The girls are mostly hookers and hostesses from the nearby KTV. Not so popular among foreign girls but fun anyway.

Pyramid Club

After-hours clubs that gets busy when all other discos close. Nothing more to say, you can guess the „quality“ of the crowd there…

Club Jenja

Club Jenja is popular with expats in Bali. Despite the shrink of girls recently, you stand to get a beautiful Bali nightlife girl.

Paddys Pub

Well located on Jalan Legian, Paddys Pub is popular for working girls, especially from Africa. Normal crowd is not so big, the most western girls can be found next door in Bounty Discotheque.

Engine Room

Opposite of SkyGarden, Engine Room is a very popular club with a good mixed party crowd.

Most of these clubs are known to have “working girls” who are looking for financial sponsors. They expect you do buy a drink or two and from there you will read the vibe if they want to go home with you or not. If you notice a girl staring at you and when you approach her she starts calling you baby, it’s a prostitute trying to get your money…

Meeting Indonesian girls in Bali nightlife

Sexy Nightclub Girls in Bali

It is really easy to find Indonesian women in the nightlife of Bali. Especially Kuta is a hotspot to find nice and beautiful Indonesian girls. Most Indonesian women are going to the big nightclubs such as SkyGarden. Some of them are normal girls just looking for fun, others are freelancers on the hunt for a customer. In the nightlife of Bali you can find many Indonesian girls, who are open to date foreigners or even had foreign boyfriends before. Bali is one of the best spots in Asia to date nice and lovely Indo-girls.

We also recommend to use IndoCupid and Tinder if you are in Bali and want to party. It is really easy to find girls there upfront and meet them later in the nightclubs.

Bargirls in Bali

If you want a Bali girl for a one night stand, Bali bars are the places to narrow your search. If it’s your first time in Asia, there is a bar fine you have to pay to take the girl. Otherwise, you can buy her drinks, ask her number and meet the following day before she is going to work.

Sex Bali Bargirls

Most of the girly bars are located along Jalan Legian street in Kuta. Search between Jalan Benesari and Ground Zero Monument, there are more than 20 bars with young and sexy bar girls working. Usually, there are girls at the entrance to try and bring in customers. Once you walk inside, order a beer and start your search. In most cases, a Bali nightlife girl will come over and start small talks. If you like her, buy her a drink and keep the conversation going. If not, you can request for another girl the beer prices are between 30 and 40k.

Also in Seminyak are some bargirl options. Motel Mexicola is one of the trending bars in Seminyak. Its Mexican theme has become a magnet for sexy girls, mostly Indonesian and Australians. To increase your chances of landing a gorgeous Bali nightlife girl, always have a look for women going alone or in groups to the club.

Jungle is a new spot between Canggu and Seminyak. It swarmed with stylish young hot foreign girls living in Bali. Friday is the best day to try your luck with some of the models partying in the bar. Entry is free.

SkyGarden Dancer Bali

Meeting Indonesian men in Bali nightlife

If you are a solo traveling woman and want to find a nice Indonesian man for a night, a romantic holiday or even a serious relationship, it is nothing easier than that. You can find many Indonesian guys in the Kuta area. The beach bars are the best spots to date Indonesian men in Kuta. But also the nightclubs are a great place to find Bali boys for a one night stand or even more. The guys on Bali like to party and so you can find many of the Balinese men in the nightclubs around Kuta and Seminyak. Many Indonesian men are attracted by foreign girls and are on the hunt for them. It shouldn’t be too difficult to meet a nice guy in the nightlife of Bali.

Meeting tourists in Bali nightlife

Tinder Logo

Bali is a tourist destination and the most of the clubs and bars are focused on foreign visitors. Especially people from Australia like to travel to Bali, many of them only for the party. Australian girls and other Western tourists are not difficult to get in Bali. Just head to the clubs and find it out by yourself. There plenty of nice girls seeking new acquaintances during their Bali holiday. Beside the clubs we recommend to use the Tinder app, it is a good option to find Western girls in Bali for fun.


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