Costs to marry an Indonesian girl


The costs to marry an Indonesian girl – If you decide to marry an Indonesian woman, you have to organize a big wedding in most of the cases. Many men who want to marry an Indonesian girl are wondering what costs to expect for an Indonesian wedding. We try to answer this question in this guide.

The costs to marry an Indonesian women

It is hard to say how much costs you should expect to marry an Indonesian in general. There are many different factors which are playing an important role. The more beautiful and wealthy the woman is, the more extensive the wedding celebrations. But also the social status and the religion are playing an important role if it comes to the costs to marry an Indonesian girl.

The fact that Indonesia is shaped by various cultural influences it is common that there several kind of celebration or wedding ceremonies, some which extend over 2-3 days. Many guests are not uncommon and increasing the costs for the celebrations.

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Of course you can also celebrate in small groups, but the Indonesians like to invite themselves to the wedding. So it can happen that 100 guests are invited, but ultimately there will be 200. After all, the uninvited guests can’t just be chased away, you have to accommodate them as well. Therefore, always expect more than how you actually invite.

The cost of a wedding in Indonesia can be very different. Even for a small wedding with few guests, the amount can quickly amount to 1.500 Dollars or more. For an amount of 3.000 USD you get a big wedding. Of course, it always depends on what you want and how exclusive you want to celebrate. Depending on the location and the catering there are almost no limits to the top. Additionally there is also the bride price, but more about later.

Expect to pay for a medium-sized wedding in Indonesia 1500-2500 USD. This sum includes all costs like the photographer, location, food and drinks.

Bride price in Indonesia

What many do not know is that the man also has to pay for his wife. This money is of course only symbolic, but it is a very expensive tradition. Depending on the status, origin and above all education, the groom can sometimes pay up to 25,000 USD or even more to the bride’s parents.

That doesn’t mean that everyone has to pay so much, however, you shouldn’t be surprised if you have to pay the amount XY to the parents of your future wife. If you refuse, it will throw a very bad light on you. The parents can even be against the wedding. It will likely also happen that she cancels the wedding and leaves you. That sounds tough, but it corresponds to reality.

It is hard to finalise an exact sum for a marriage in Indonesia. However, even for a very small wedding, you should expect at least 1.000 USD or more. The more extensive and exclusive the wedding becomes, the more expensive it becomes. We also know people who paid around 8.000-10.000 USD for the celebrations. Additionally you should calculate a sum between 1.000 and 20.000 USD as bride price.

If you are getting married in Indonesia, it is best if your future wife organize as much as possible. She usually knows where it is cheap and how to negotiate well. As a foreigner, you will hardly get the same good offers or you would probably not even know where everything can be organized.

Cost for wedding in Indonesia

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