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Java is an island in Indonesia with a population of more than 141 million. Java is one of the biggest, most important islands but it also has some of the poorest regions in whole Indonesia. On Java is the capital Jakarta, as well as other important cities such as Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Bandung. How to meet Indonesian girls in Java, we gonna explain you in this post.

About Java girls

Java girls are beautiful. If you like the typical Asian girls, you will love how Indo girls look. They have typical Southeast-Asian features like brown skin, small eyes, and a slightly broad nose. The girls are slimmer than for example in Thailand or the Philippines, may of them are petite, which gives Java girls a special look.

Girls from Java are amiable, liberal, and open-minded. They are friendly, and fun loving. They love to hang out, party, and interact with foreigners. If you are a good looking guy, you will get a lot of attention from the girls in Java. Of course it is also depending on the region, education and religion of the girl, some Java girls are very conservative too…

Best spots to meet girls in Jakarta

Jakarta is home to the country’s most happening nightlife scene and you can meet some of the most attractive females in town. Much like many of the other big cities across the globe, the dating game at night time is the strongest in areas which are inhabited by nightclubs, bars, and discotheques…

The nightlife in Jakarta is quite happening and very much existent. Most of the best visited nightclubs tare situated in the southern or central part of the city. While North Kota does have quite a few options. Below you can find a list of some of the most happening nightclubs, pubs, and bars to meet hot Indonesian girls in the city of Jakarta:

The best nightclubs in South Jakarta:

  • Blowfish
  • Triple 9
  • Dronk
  • Safehouse
  • Jenja
  • Bluegrass

The best nightclubs in Central Jakarta:

  • Immigrant
  • Dragonfly
  • Fable
  • Empirica

Colosseum and Illigalz are two of the most popular nightclubs in the region of North Kota.

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Dancer in Club in Kuta

Best spots to meet girls in Surabaya

The streets in Surabaya are full of bars that are open all night. 95% of the nightlife on the island of Java takes place in Surabaya except Jakarta of course. In Surabaya you will find most of the discos and clubs, as well as some of the biggest massage parlors, where not only a massage is offered. Also there are many freelancers in Surabaya who are seeking customers for the night…

The best chance to quickly meet a woman from Surabaya is in one of the many clubs and bars. In the Desperados Bar of the Shangri La Hotel there are always a lot of women, but also in the surrounding bars like the Electric Bar or the Colors Pub. If you have slightly higher demands, keep an eye out for the Venen Nightclub, where high society will gather.

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Bali Party Nightlife

Best spots to meet girls in Yogyakarta

Jalan Magelang street in the north of the city, is the place with the nightlife in Yogyakarta. This area has almost all the nightclubs of the city and, thus, best suited for your intentions to meet girls in Yogyakarta.

Visiting night clubs is the best option meet Indonesian girls but also tourists in Yogyakarta. If a girl is coming to a nightclub, it simply means she is already very free-minded and won’t be hard to get. The girl who is visiting a nightclub is considered to be far more liberal, and maybe, she won’t mind having some fun with you.

Yogyakarta offers some decent pubs with average glamorous nights. Jakarta and Bali are far better choices if you love visiting nightclubs a lot.

Thebest pubs and nightclubs in Yogyakarta are listed below:

  • Asmara Art & Coffee Shop (coffee shop/ bar which serves you a variety of beers and whiskeys)
  • Sakapatat (old-style architecture with a lively atmosphere makes this bar worth visiting)
  • Oxen Free (best bar for listening to traditional Indonesian rock music)
  • Embassy (perfect nightclub if you are willing to dance on electric beats)
  • Taphouse Beer Garden (best bar for meeting local girls)
  • Graha Paramitha (among the oldest bars in Yogyakarta and remain open till late night)
  • Liquid
  • Boshe Jogja
  • Cubic
  • Sugar

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SkyGarden Dancer Bali

Best spots to meet girls in Bandung

Bandung has a few good nightclubs where you can go to drink, dance, and chill. In Bandung nightclubs, you will enjoy the music, drinks, atmosphere, and the amiable staff. If you are staying in the vicinity of Jalan Braga, you will have access to the city’s best nightclubs and bars’. Some of the best nightclubs in Bandung are listed below.

  • South Bank Club
  • Shelter Club
  • Sobbers Club
  • Amnesia Club
  • Queen Rose
  • Rumpoet
  • Nine Square

Alle the here listed nightclubs in Bandung are visited by many local and hot girls. Most of them are students and normal daytime job girls. But you can find also some expats and tourists.

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Online-Dating in Java

Sexy Indonesian woman in lingerie

Online dating is a great option to find girls all over Java. Dating apps are extremely popular in Indonesia and almost every single girl uses it. Online dating provides you the luxury to interact with single girls who are looking for a serious relationship as well as just fun for holiday or a night or two.

There are also many older women who are seeking for the right partner for longterm relationship. Online dating gives you chance to approach girls without any risk and feeling comfortable. You can learn to know each other better before the first date. Another advantage is the fact, that only singles and girls who are single are registered at the dating websites… Most popular dating apps for Indonesia and Java are listed below.

  • IndonesianCupid: IndonesianCupid is the largest Indonesian dating site with several million members. In Java are more than 1 Million girls registered. Although to unlock all the features, you have to purchase a premium version, but the free version is also good to pick girls, you already have full access to the whole members database. Check out our full IndonesianCupid review here…
  • AsianDating: Popular dating website in South-East Asia with millions of users active on the app. Although to unlock all the features, you have to purchase a premium version, but the free version is also good to pick girls, you already have full access to the whole members database.
  • Tinder: Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps worldwide and also a lot of Indonesian girls use this website. Tinder works really well in Java, especially the metropolitan regions…
  • Bumble: Another global dating app, Bumble also uses your location to show nearby results. Instead of just dating, you can also make friends, and build a community on this website. This website is also popular in Indonesia.

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