How to meet Indonesian girls in Bandung


In this Bandung dating guide we tell you how to find Indonesian girls in Bandung. In Bandung you can find a lot of hot single girls and you might even meet the love of your life. Read more about how to meet Indonesian girls in Bandung, and the attitude of the women there.

All about Bandung girls

The total population of Bandung is 2.3 million, with Islam being the predominant religion comprising of 91.70% of the population, followed by around 7% of Christians and the remaining 1% being Buddhists, Hindus, Confucianists, and others. It is located 152 Km from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

As the most already know, Islam is a highly conservative religion with strict rules. But this seems to not affect the girls of Bandung at all. In spite of being Muslims, the girls of Bandung are friendly and open-minded. They love talking to foreigners, hanging out, and partying with them. Many Bandung girls will not hesitate to hook up with you as well if they are attracted to you.

Sexy Indonesian woman seeking foreigner

Of course there are many girls who will definitely be conservative but a majority of them are friendly and liberal. However, Muslims girls have a big sense of self-respect, therefore, don’t try to cross your limits.

The most Bandung girls are open-minded and liberal. They are friendly, and fun loving. Bandung girls love to hang out, party, and even to date foreigners. If you are a good looking guy, it won’t be difficult to date some Bandung girls. Many of women from Bandung like going to the clubs, bars and hang out at the nighttime.

Online Dating in Bandung

Online Dating is in our opinion the best option to find nice and beautiful girls in Bandung. Dating Websites are extremely popular in Indonesia and almost every single girl uses it. Online dating provides you the luxury to interact with single girls who are looking for a serious relationship as well as just fun for holiday or a night or two.

There are also many older women who are seeking for the right partner for longterm relationship. Online dating gives you chance to approach girls without any risk and feeling comfortable. You can learn to know each other better before the first date. Another advantage is the fact, that only singles and girls who are single are registered at the dating websites… Most popular dating apps for Indonesia and Bandung are listed below.

  • IndonesianCupid: IndonesianCupid is the largest Indonesian dating site with several million members. In Bandung there are more than 1,000++ girls registered. Although to unlock all the features, you have to purchase a premium version, but the free version is also good to pick girls, you already have full access to the whole members database. Check out our full IndonesianCupid review here…
  • AsianDating: Popular dating website in South-East Asia with millions of users active on the app. Although to unlock all the features, you have to purchase a premium version, but the free version is also good to pick girls, you already have full access to the whole members database.
  • Tinder: Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps worldwide and also a lot of Indonesian girls use this website. Tinder works really well in Bandung…
  • Bumble: Another global dating app, Bumble also uses your location to show nearby results. Instead of just dating, you can also make friends, and build a community on this website. This website is also popular in Indonesia.

Some nice members from IndonesianCupid…

Nightlife in Bandung – Best spots to meet Indonesian girls in Bandung

Sexy Nightclub Girls in Bali

Jalan Braga is one of the most popular nightlife areas in Bandung. It is a decent area with a few nightclubs and bars. This area is ideal for people looking for fun, a lot of girls visiting this area are looking for casual hookups and fun as well.

As the evening starts, many girls coming out of their homes to relax and have fun after a busy day, Jalan Braga is the spot of their choice. If you dress well and visit a few clubs and bars, you will most probably pick a girl, and if all goes well, you may have fun as well.

Best Nightclubs to Meet Girls in Bandung

Bandung has a few good nightclubs where you can go to drink, dance, and chill. In Bandung nightclubs, you will enjoy the music, drinks, atmosphere, and the amiable staff. If you are staying in the vicinity of Jalan Braga, you will have access to the city’s best nightclubs and bars’. Some of the best nightclubs in Bandung are listed below.

  • South Bank Club
  • Shelter Club
  • Sobbers Club
  • Amnesia Club
  • Queen Rose
  • Rumpoet
  • Nine Square
Bali Party Nightlife

Alle the here listed nightclubs in Bandung are visited by many local and hot girls. Most of them are students and normal daytime job girls. But you can find also some expats and tourists. Of course there are in many clubs also some freelancer girls, who are seeking a customer for the night. Bandung freelancer prices range from 400k to 900k Rupiah, but on average they cost 600k for all night. As this kind of arrangement is against the law, we advise against it and use online dating instead, it is more fun and you could find the love of your life!


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