How to meet Indonesian girls in Surabaya


Do you want to meet Indonesian girls in Surabaya but don’t know where to start? No problem. We tell you the best places and options to meet women from Surabaya.

About women from Surabaya

Surabaya is a port city on the Indonesian island of Java and a dynamic, extensive metropolis, in which modern skyscrapers stand alongside canals and buildings from the Dutch colonial rule. The city has a thriving Chinatown and an Arab quarter, whose mosque dates from the 15th century. The Tugu Pahlawan (heroic monument) commemorates the wars of independence that were fought in Surubaya’s streets in 1945.

But there are not only historical thing in Surabaya. Especially the nightlife was and is still known and even if you are not looking for a girlfriend, you will definitely have fun in Surabaya. Here we reveal the best clubs and dating options to meet women from Surabaya.

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Meet women from Surabaya online

Online dating is the best way to seek girls from Surabaya quickly and hassle free. Online dating works very well in Indonesia. The younger generation in particular has long discovered this opportunity to find a partner. Accordingly, you have good chances of success.

There are a lot of Indonesian dating platforms now, but IndonesianCupid is the best if you want to meet Indonesian singles. The special thing about this dating site is that you can search for Indonesian singles worldwide, including in Australia, the US or even Europe. And it’s all completely free in the basic version. You get full access to the whole members database but with a premium account, the chances increase significantly. Find out more here in our IndonesianCupid review.

On IndonesianCupid you can find more than 1,000 singles in Surabaya. The chances to find your dream girl there are pretty high. Since it is free, you should definitely register and try your luck…

Meet woman in the nightlife of Surabaya

The streets in Surabaya are full of bars that are open all night. 95% of the nightlife on the island of Java takes place in Surabaya. In Surabaya you will find most of the discos and clubs, as well as some of the biggest massage parlors, where not only a massage is offered. Also there are many freelancers in Surabaya who are seeking customers for the night…

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The best chance to quickly meet a woman from Surabaya is in one of the many clubs and bars. In the Desperados Bar of the Shangri La Hotel there are always a lot of women, but also in the surrounding bars like the Electric Bar or the Colors Pub. If you have slightly higher demands, keep an eye out for the Venen Nightclub, where high society will gather.

Meet Surabaya women with Tinder

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Tinder is a worldwide known dating app, which is also completely free. If you are not in Indonesia, Tinder does not work well, at least if you are looking for Indonesian women. But if you are in Indonesia, Tinder is a very good way to meet Indonesian singles. The disadvantage: you always have to be on site and can only search girls around your location. Many of the women on Tinder only want to meet with you for payment … This is prostitution, prohibited and punishable in Indonesia.

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CONCLUSION: Meeting woman in Surabaya

Meeting Indonesian girls in Surabaya is easier than you think. However, many of the women in Surabaya are Freelancers, most of them can be found in clubs and bars. Those girls who have serious intentions you can find better online, IndonesianCupid should be your first choice.

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