How to meet Indonesian girls in Sumatra & Medan


Do you want to meet Sumatra women but don’t know where to start? In this post we tell you the best places to meet women in Sumatra. We present all options and the best spots to find girls in Sumatra.

Women in Sumatra

Sumatra is the largest island in Indonesia and is located northwest of Java. In terms of landscape, Sumatra offers you everything you can only dream of! Sumatra offers something for every type of travel – whether interested in culture, diving, nature lovers, surfers or trekking fans. Nature lovers should choose the volcanic north of the island, while surfers tend to stick to the west coast and divers visit the island of Pulau Weh.

Meeting women from Sumatra is possible, but can be a little difficult. One reason for this is that the region is almost completely Muslim and very religious. Due to cultural practices, most women do not respond well to flirting and try to avoid any such conversations. But in Medan there are also some modern girls and love to go out and have fun…

Online dating in Sumatra

Online dating is the best way to meet Sumatra girls quickly and for free. First there are only girls registered who are open for dating, and second the most of the girls in the online world do not have the same barriers and are more approachable than in the real world. Accordingly, you have good chances of success.

There are many Indonesian dating platforms now, but IndonesianCupid is the best if you want to meet Indonesian singles. The special thing about this dating site is that you can search for Indonesian singles worldwide, including your home country. It’s all completely free and with the basic version you get already full access to the whole database of girls. With a premium account, the chances increase significantly. You can find more information and our experiences in the IndonesianCupid review.

On IndonesianCupid you can find over 1,000 singles in Sumatra. The chances that you will get date with one of them are high. Since it is free, you should definitely register once and try your luck and who knows, you might still find your dream partner today!

How to Pick Up Girls

Picking up girls in Sumatra is certainly a difficult task, however Medan is the best spot. The city’s majority population believes in Islam and are extremely religious. Due to a conservative culture, it’s not very easy to interact with women and gets close to them. So you will have to work a little harder and play smart to increase your chances of picking up girls. If you are a western guy, you have better chances and your presence won’t go unnoticed.

The lack of an expat community and few foreign travelers make white tourists a cherished commodity. But keep in mind that the local girls won’t be too easy to impress and having sex on the first night is a distant dream. Show a lot of respect and care, in the beginning, to smooth up things. Don’t force yourself or get stuck on someone or something, the city is big and there’s a lot of other girls, so move on if you feel you are being ignored. Your ability to distinguish between a hooker or a semi-pro would come in handy here, as a lot of women who approach you are going to charge you for their services.

Nightclubs and Bars to meet women in Medan / Sumatra

If you want to party, then Medan is your place to go. The city offers the best nightlife in Sumatra and there are also some serious options for clubbing and girls. The nightlife in Medan is not that buzzing but you can still find girls in the bars and clubs. You will see that most women who are open to casual sex are grabbed by the rich and influential guys. If you have deep pockets and can afford a few expensive gifts, you can also get yourself a local girl but that will also depend on a decent amount of luck.

Since opportunities of making money are limited, you will also come across sex workers who are often placed inside the bar by the owners, who will charge you for their services. It could be difficult to distinguish between a hooker and a regular girl, thus always keep an open mind.

Bali Party Nightlife

Best Nightclubs to Meet Girls

As already mentioned above, nightclubs and bars are your best shot at finding girls to hookup with. Here is a list of some of the best nightclubs in Medan:

  • XXX3 Entertainment
  • Retrospective Entertainment Club
  • New Zone Entertainment
  • Nightclub Sampul
  • Entrance Music Temple
  • Tobasa Club


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